How to make a slushie in blender

Learn how to make your slushies at home with only five elements and a blender. It is a cool, frothy summer drink, perfect for a kids’ birthday party or a cool drink to refresh anytime. Kids love slushies. My slushie recipe calls for foamy fruit juice, diet soda, ice cubes, and some flavor from a natural drink mix.

A simple chilled drink that can be made in 15 minutes is ideal for birthday festivals. My kids still ask to stop at the petrol station for one, but I am concerned about how much sugar is added to the drink.

Because it’s the ideal hot summer day drink to beat the heat, I produced my slushies at home with my blender.

How To Make A Slushy With A Blender

Of course, making slushies requires a blender. Slushies have a frothy texture because they are made by rapidly blending ice with juice or soda.

So, here’s everything you need to make a slushie:

Ingredients: Club soda is bubbly water with a pinch of salt and no added sugar. For soda slushy flavors, Fruit juice, or cold water—Wherever you live, you can replace club soda with diet sodas such as Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, or any other natural soda.

You can use any juice flavor. We enjoy making orange slushies with orange juice, green slushies with kiwi juice, purple slushies with strawberry juice, and pink slushies with beetroot juice.

Granular Sweetener: You can use any sugar, such as white sugar, coconut sugar, or sugar-free erythritol, to make a sugar-free slushy. Choose from various drink blend powder labels, including healthier options and sugar-free options to avoid overconsumption. Choose wisely, and experiment with flavors and colors to make the slushy stand out! We adore preparing blue slushies with blueberry drink mix. You can make a Kool-Aid slushy recipe with Kool-Aid drink mix, but it’s not the most natural option, so I avoid it!

Ice Cubes: Adjust the amount to make the slushy more or less foamy.

Favorite Fruit Flavors: For a delightful fruit slushie, blend club soda, your preferred fruit juice, and the following ingredients.

  • Lemon: Mix 1 cup of club soda, cold water, ice cubes, sugar, and a lemon drink mix powder.
  • Blueberry: Blend club soda, cold water, sugar, and blueberry drink mix powder.
  • Strawberry: Mix club soda, strawberry juice, sugar, and drink powder.
  • Orange: Blend club soda, orange juice, sugar, and orange drink mix powder.

Other Favorite flavors: Explore unique slushie flavors using soda bases like Coke, Sprite, or Fanta.

  • Lemon Coca-Cola
  • Raspberry Coca-Cola
  • Orange Sprite
  • Feel free to swap club soda with any of these sodas, opting for zero-carb varieties to avoid excess sugar.

Blending Process: Gather all the ingredients in your blender, excluding the soda water. Securely close the blender’s lid and blend quickly until ice is crushed into a frothy, snowy drink.

Add more ice for a creamier texture, and blend again to combine. Pause the blender, stir in a cup of soda for a bubbly boost, and serve your delicious slushie in large glasses. Enjoy the refreshing results!

Also, let us know how you can make different types of slushies with the help of a blender.

How do you make alcoholic slushies?

You may use your blender to produce frozen cocktails such as spiked strawberry slushies and mango margaritas. Using high-quality liquor and the proper liquid and sweetener ratio (usually two parts sweetener to eight parts liquid) will help make your alcoholic slushies both tasty and refreshing. How to make a slushie in blender.

How do you make a soda slushie?

You can easily make a soda slushie by freezing your favorite soda or including it in your blended slushie mix. Some recipes may call for chilling the soda in an ice cube tray before blending. How to make a slushie in blender.

How do you make a fruit slushie

How do you make a fruit slushie?

Using your blender to make delicious fruit slushies is simple. Add your liquid elements first, followed by your frozen ingredients. Frozen fruit may share your slushies with the perfect texture, but fresh fruit can add flavor and liquid if needed. Blend your elements to your desired feeling, and enjoy. How to make a slushie in blender.

How do you make a watermelon slushie?

Watermelon slushies are a delightful complement to your summer menu. Begin by pureeing the watermelon in a blender until soft. Pour the watermelon into a small container and freeze overnight. Let the watermelon thaw slightly the next day before raking it with a fork to create a slushie texture or blend the pureé.

How do you make a strawberry slushie?

Mix a few squeezes of lemon juice, 2-3 cups of hulled and split strawberries, a tablespoon of agave or sweetener, and some ice in a blender. Begin with one cup of ice, then add more as needed. Blend the strawberry slushies until they achieve the desired consistency, then enjoy.

How do you make slushies with juice?

To make juice slushies, mix your favorite juice with ice. Try this with lemonade or fruit juice, then sweeten with agave or honey as desired. You may also make juice slushies with water, juice, or lemonade concentrate.

How do you make a slushie without a blender?

With or without a blender, you can make excellent slushies. To achieve a slushie texture, pour the slushie mixture into a shallow baking dish and rake it with a fork after it has been partially frozen. Alternatively, freeze your mixture in ice cube trays, then crush the ice cubes in a plastic bag with a rolling pin.

You can also create unique slushie recipes with a hand blender, such as the VEVOR Hand Blender, a variable-speed immersion blender. Alternatively, for a similar delight, use the VEVOR Ice Crushers Machine attachment to make fluffy sheets of ice flavored with your favorite syrup.

Tips for Making Slushies at Home

Whether you’re creating spiked slushies for a party or Tropical Fruit Slushies for your family, the ideal slushie has the proper consistency and flavor. Follow these ideas to make excellent slushies for any occasion. how to make a slushie in blender.

Use a powerful blender to cut through your frozen items and help you achieve the desired texture. Make sure to fill the blender. When the blender is excessively full, mix the contents well and consistently. Can be difficult 

Begin by mixing slowly, then gradually raise the speed. It will allow you to avoid overblending.  Add the liquid components first, the soft ingredients (such as powders and sweeteners), and finally, the frozen ingredients and ice. Serve your slushies soon after mixing. How to make a slushie in blender.


Q. Do you need sugars or sweeteners to make slushies in a blender?

Ans: If you mix sweet fruits, fruit juice, or already sweetened drinks like soda, you’ll unlikely need to add more sugar or sweetener. However, you must sweeten the beverage if you use sour or citrus fruits such as lemon and lime. Granulated sugar does not often dissolve effectively, but honey, maple, or agave syrup will easily blend into the drink.

Q. Do you always need ice to make a slushie in a blender?

Ans: You only sometimes require ice when using a lot of frozen fruit, such as watermelon. However, if you only operate a tiny amount of frozen fruit, you must add ice cubes to achieve the desired ice texture. Otherwise, it will be a chilled drink that is refreshing but not slushy.

Q. Can you make slushie cocktails with a blender?

Ans: You can use your blender to prepare traditional drinks like a frozen margarita. Alternatively, you can make a bespoke flavor slushie using any of the components listed above, then add a shot of vodka to make it a hard slushie. Anything goes, from rum to vodka, but peach schnapps and prosecco pair especially well. 

Q. What is the difference between a slushie and a frappe?

Ans: There is only so much difference other than flavor. Coffee shop frappe drinks, like traditional slushies, are blended ice drinks but are typically milk-based and cold variants of the hot drinks menu. Frappe flavors can be coffee or chocolate-based, with additional syrups like vanilla and caramel. How to make a slushie in a blender.

Q. Why does the ice in my smoothie melt while I blend it?

Ans: Some blenders generate heat while mixing at high speeds or for lengthy periods, which is transferred into the drink during the process. If your blender does this, the ice may melt quickly. Add ice and cold water to the pitcher to rectify the dilemma, and chill it for a few minutes before making your slushy. How to make a slushie in a blender.

Alternatively, reduce the amount of juice and add more ice or frozen fruit when making your drink. Ensure all components are cooled or frozen; avoid adding room-temperature beverages or fruits. Always strive to mix for the shortest time possible, then pour out the drink as soon as thoroughly combined.

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